Monday, February 20, 2012

Kidney issues part 3.

Well I'm hoping we are finally going to be getting a break with all this crazy kidney stuff with Ariel.On Monday we went to the Urologists office in Puyallup.He did an ultrasound in her and said he saw a stone that was looking like it was 6mm.That's when we went ahead with schedule the procedure to remove it.

On Thursday we went in and filled out paperwork.The doctor came and and we discussed what would be going on.Thankfully she got an i.v. in the first time.They took her down for the procedure and the doctor came and got us about 40 minutes later.

He said the stone was gone,but she may still have 2mm stones in there.He said her left kidney was very red and inflamed.We are hopeful that she will be done with all these issues.She is still having some pain and nausea.I'm not sure if that's from just the inflamation another stone or what.My friend that's a nurse said to make sure to watch her for infection,because that's a risk.Thank you again for all your prayers and support.

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