Monday, February 13, 2012

Thank you Chelsea Hutchison Foundation!

Friends I have to say I am speechless with emotion.This is Julie and her precious daughter Chelsea who passed away due to something called SUDEP(Sudden,unexplained,death,in Epilepsy Patients.)
This is something that a lot of us seizure parents worry about,those of us that have been actually told of the risks of this.

Julie started a Foundation on her daughters behalf to alert people of the risks of SUDEP and also to help them get seizure dogs,so that the people can have a more independant life.

Everyone was excited when U.P.S showed up today.The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation sent each of our kids an EMFIT monitor.This goes under their beds to alert us if one is having a seizure during their sleep.Since this is a high cause of death among Epilepsy patients it will certainly give us peace of mind.

         Thank you so much for giving us peace of mind Julie and The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation.


  1. AWESOME!! So happy for you all!

  2. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!You must be on cloud 9 so so so happy for this wonderful gift for each of them.