Monday, February 27, 2012

More seizures,do they ever stop?

Just when I think we have things semi settled down with Ariel then Daniel's starts up.Saturday night he was in the bathroom when we hear the all too familiar moan.We had a hard time getting the door open because he crashed behind it.When we did get it open he was laying in a pool of blood.Mainly coming from his nose.

We ended up calling paramedics that took forever to get here.But they finally did and we managed to get them into the bathroom.He was very tachycardic with low 02 sats and non-responsive when they got here.He started perking up little by little in the ambulance.We finally arrived at the E.R.

Sorry for the blurry pics my phone doesn't take the greatest ones at night.Once we got into the room and I saw the name of the physician on the board Dr.S,I knew it was not going to be a good night.We have had this guy before.He is not a nice person.He always has this look about him like he just smelled cabbage cooking or something.You know how they say body language is like 80% of communication,well this guys demeanor and body language just exudes arrogance and a God like attitude.

He comes in and says "What's the problem why are you here." the parmedic preceded to tell him what was going on.He knew who Daniel was.About a year ago we went in there for a dislocation Daniel had.We told him the way to put his arm back in.He refused to listen,because of the God like attitude.He spent over 40 minutes yanking on my son's arm unnecessarily.We were furious and then the guy totally flipped out started wringing his hands and running them through his hair in a very unstable type manner.We ended up having to go to a whole other hospital and he had to be taken to the O.R. to put it back in.

I also saw him recently when I took Ariel up there for that severe kidney stones pain.Thankfully a very kind lady doctor came in first,but then he walked in gave me the same line Ariel was doubled over and crying hysterically and he's asking her all these questions I started answering and he was very snappy with me I finally raised my voice and said"look she's in too much pain to answer your questions and she's impaired." He then looked at the chart and saw the other doctor had been in so he left.There is no reason for medical people to be rude,condescending and cruel.If it wasn't for us they wouldn't have a job.

Poor Daniel was looking so bad.His face was all swollen,especially his nose.His shoulder was dislocated and he just felt terrible.They asked him his pain level he said 7 and yet they gave him nothing for pain.They started an i.v. they did nothing with, didn't even give him fluids despite Daniel telling them he felt dehydrated and was getting a headache.

The nurse he had was rude and not helpful in the least.Finally after getting a ct scan and x-ray showing of course his dislocation the doctor wanted to ship him to St.Joes.We told him look give him something for pain to relax him and he probably can pop it in himself.Every other physician there would have given him something for pain ages ago.

So he finally does and Daniel gets it back in partially.He had to do it a couple of times,but finally it was back in.Three x-rays later and we were ready to leave.The doctor wants to send him home him with nothing for pain at all.It was ridiculous.They act like everyone is a drug seeker.It's disgusting.He finally gave Daniel 6 whole pain pills.My goodness.If he would have treated Ariel he probably would have given her Tylenol for kidney stones.

I hate to come off sounding bitter and like a complainer,but my kids suffer through enough and when we finally have to break down and get medical help the least they could do is show some kindness and compassion.I'm going to call the Orthopedic  Surgeon today and get an appointment going and get a set protocol for the E.R. I'm sick of this kind of stuff and am just not going to put up with it anymore.

Thankfully Daniel is doing a bit better.His eyes aren't as black as I thought they might be.He's pretty sore and we've been giving him a bunch of Gatoraid,since the nurse was not with it enough to inform the doctor of our desire for i.v. fluids.Another thing any other doctor would have given him instantly.I'm sorry I am upset.I've been dealing with so much medical stuff,especially since January and I just get tired of seeing my kids get treated so badly,especially since their conditions are through no fault of their own.Thank you everyone for your prayers and support.

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  1. I'm so sorry you had an icky doctor in addition to Daniel's suffering. You are being a mother bear and it is understandable that you feel like you do. You will feel better when your son does.

    Inpatients or family can often speak to a person with a title like a patient advocate. Is there anyone like that for the ER?

    It is very upsetting when doctors don't listen to patients or family about things they know much about. I had a similar experience when my doc sent me to the ER with herpes simplex in my eyelid. He wanted me to get an IV to keep the infection from getting into my cornea, which it did by the next day because the doctor on duty tried to tell us it was a different kind of herpes and it should have been on my nose and forehead. I'd had these flares since I was age 4 and I knew what it was, could feel it coming on and had called my doc. I refused to leave until I had an appt the next day (Sat.) with a eye surgeon. I went early for the am appt and yes, I did have what I told the ER doc. It was next to my cornea and was an emergency. She gave me Rx's and then antivirals I still take to prevent the outbreaks. I was almost late to our only daughter's wedding shower 3 hrs away, but we made it and I got treated.

    Don't get me started on my mama bear when my sick kids got inadequate treatment. I got so frustrated one time with the non and poor treatment at a military hospital that I called a local pediatrician who met us at the civilian hospital and admitted our sick infant for 8 days. I told them to charge the military, which they did.
    God bless you all!