Friday, October 7, 2011

Couponing 101 part 2


Recently a few issues have come up with my couponing and I have had to tweak a few things.
The first thing I learned is make sure you're going to a store that is couponer friendly and knows what they're doing concerning your coupons.I am fast discovering over here a store starting with a W is not couponer friendly,Even though they advertise they are on television.

Now I know unfortunately there have been some rude couponers that give us all a bad name,The TLC extreme couponing show hasn't helped, as you see them go in the store and clear shelves.Don't get me wrong, watching that show made me change the way I think about shopping,but if you have a ton of coupons for an item, pre-order it,don't clear the shelves,that's why we get a bad name.I know it's irritating to me ,when something is on sale and it's gone.It's unfortunate that there are those that give us a bad name,but if you are rude to me or don't know the policy you will lose my business.

  These were some of the items I got the other day.The Tresemme hair styling products were buy 1 get 1 free theye were on sale for $3.33.The coupon said up to $6.00 value.The gal was insisting it had to be a lesser and smaller item for free,that's not what the coupon said.She kept telling me it's what it should say.Every item I went through this with her it was ridiculous.

   These Old Spice mens body washes ended up being free the coupon was for $1.00 off 1.7 oz or larger and they were 97 cents.It did not say excludes trial size.She kept telling me it should have said that,but it didn't.The people at The Old Spice Company or whoever makes it know that some people will get this free,they most likely do it so if you like it you will buy a larger size.                                                                                

 You almost have to become like a detective when it comes to learning store policies,not a bad idea to carry one with you, and to read the fine print on the coupons.If I make a mistake,fine I don't have a problem with them pointing it out I'm only human,but when they are telling me the coupon says something it doesn't that's when I have a problem.
The Biggest Keys to success are this.

#1 have a plan and have your coupons clipped stacked and sorted before hand.

#2 be prepared always make sure you have looked at your adds and sales and have a list and do not waiver from it if at all possible.

#3 Never hurts to have a copy of the store policy regarding your coupons in hand.

#4 Always try to leave little ones at home.I even try to leave mine at home eventhough they are older,because it's too easy to get distracted and frustrated.

#5 When I do multiple transactions I find it best to use the little baskets to seperate orders and put them in my cart.

#6 Be curteous to the cashiers.
Don't do 5 transactions at once,Unless they are closing up behind you.

when I  have multiple to do I always use self check and make sure I'm by a cashiers station,since they need to ring the coupons.If there are numerous people waiting I will ring up one order and get back in line until it clears. 

One last thing as the gals at Fabulessly Frugal said,couponing is empowering.I may not have control of the skyrocketing prices of gas,or over the foolish choices our government makes that keeps making prices skyrocket,but I can change the way I shop and what I spend on groceries.     

Hopefully these tips will make your shopping trip a success and save you big money!         

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