Monday, October 24, 2011

The Starlight Foundations kids party.

One thing that has been a huge blessing through all of our constant medical woes is The Starlight Foundation who
provide activities to kids with chronic and life threatening illnesses.                   
 We have had the opportunity to do some of the most amazing things through their organization.We've had lunch with Astronauts,got behind the scenes tours of the zoo,been to The Mariner's game (from the suite no less),been bowling,to the circus,boating trips,shopping trips and lots of dinners.It's just been an amazing experience.This weekend they had a costume party for the kids.

Ariel chose to go as a pirate princess.She modeled her costume from the Pirates of The Caribbean characters on the ride that we saw at Disneyland in May.

 She had such a good time.I wasn't sure she could handle it,since she just had surgery on Tuesday,but she did okay.Everyone thought her scars were part of her costume. 

  She had visits with Mario,Luigi & Princess Peach.                   
  She visited the animals of the jungle, a face painting clown and the folks having Mardi Gras.      
                 Then she finally caught up with her crew.         

By the end of the night she was pretty pooped out,but had a lot of fun.
Poor ShiFu was forced to become a pirate whether he liked it or not.

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