Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Recovery bumps in the road.Part 3!

This is the third part to this saga.You can read the other 2 parts below.We went back to the surgeon on the 1st of November.The night before I was very concerned.Ariel was up all night shaking and vomiting.She was running 102 temperature and I was so concerned about infection,because I was told if infection set in the device would be pulled out and we would have to start all over again.

One of her stitches popped again,but when we went to the surgeon he looked at it and said it looked good no infection,but they decided to give her 4 more stitches just to keep it closed.They keep telling me she heals like a Diabetic,so not sure why she's such a slow healer.

The nurse had come in with the ear thermometer,which I told her to give us an oral one,because those are so inaccurate.Sure enough in her ear it was 97.2 orally she was running 101 and that was after Tylenol.

We came home she slept and was like new the next day.She felt fine and even was well enough to go to church.She also had her VNS activated that day.

We figured it must have been a 24 hour bug,wrong! She started violently coughing the next day and just kept getting worse.I finally took her to Urgent care on Saturday and found out she has full blown Bronchitis and an Upper Respiritory infection.The doctor believes it's viral since she's been on Antibiotics.If she's not better in a few days we have to go back to the doctor.Please continue to pray for Ariel's full recovery.

Well friends,in typical Ariel fashion we are having some issues,or I should say she is having some issues.The wound on Ariel's chest split wide open.

 The night it happened I cleaned it and steri stripped it and put bandages over the top.The next morning I was on the phone calling all around.I talked with the surgeons office and they told me to come in.Well the surgeon is in Seattle over an hour away,but I figured better to have them look at it. 
 This building was across the street from the lobby where I was looking out the window.I thought it was pretty.

Anyway they tell me to rush over there,so I do and they leave us sitting in the room for like 45 minutes.The P.A. comes in gives me the impression she is going to do something,but gets the surgeon.This is not the guy that did the surgery.He looks at the wound and wanted her to do nothing! He didn't even want them to clean it,steri strip it gauze it or nothing.I'm thinking where did this guy get his degree,Cracker Jack Box U.S.A? 

 Yes lets just leave it gaping open so all kinds of germs and bacteria can get in there.
  I tried to explain that Ariel is not a good healer she is very prone to infection  and  that this was not acceptable.She atleast then ordered labs,put her on Antibiotics and had them clean,steri strip and dress the wound.        

 By evening Ariel was feeling pretty bad.In a lot of pain and was up last night shaking and throwing up.She doesn't have a fever as of yet,but that was the same way she was with the Cellulitus in her arm.
 So we will see.I am really concerned because of the implant and any prolonged healing will take that much longer to get it turned on.If she keeps getting worse I will bring her in somewhere else.I just don't understand how some doctors can be so ignorant on things?

  Well here is the 2nd part to the story.When I finished typing  this,which was pretty early this morning I heard Ariel up and about.She told me she had been throwing up and felt very shaky.When I looked at the dressing on her wound it was blood red.When I opened the gauze I was horrified to see this.                                 

After that I was mad! I went full into my mama bear mode.

I gathered my girl and ran off to The Emergency Room at Mary Bridge.    

Thankfully after leveled heads prevailed ,Ariel was able to get the proper treatment she should have gotten in the first place.
She had 4 shots and got several stitches.

She barely winced when they scrubbed it, gave her 4 shots with a very large needle and sewed it.My girl is one tough cookie!                    

I'm hoping this will be the end of her issues with her healing and she can finally be on the mend.


  1. "You Go, Mama Grizzly". Great minds run in the same circles. I am the type that is NO longer (haven't been in YEARS, every since several almost killed me) impressed with the moniker of M.D. unless the dude or dudette can back it up with solid common sense to match the book and experience learning. God Bless you. This page looks great by the way. Hugs, and love from the furgirls to all too!

  2. My daughter had a surgical wound that opened up a lot and it was because she was allergic to the material they were using; actually the glue for the steri-strips. I know you visit her cb site. Look there for the picture! They left it totally open because of her adhesive allergy, that they had then, seen for themselves.
    Glad they started her on antibiotics!
    :) Melody (Natalie's mom)