Monday, October 24, 2011

A walk around our home.

Since the Fall is here I thought i'd take you all on a little tour of our property.  
     These are the trees in front of the driveway.They are  so pretty they look like flames.     
  This is our house.It's not huge,but our yard more than makes up for it.It's very much like a park.We went for that barn feel with the red & white.
Here are some pics of the front and side of the yard. 

  We have various fruit trees including a couple of different kinds of apple trees,pears and cherries and are surrounded by woods.We have had some of the best times here,pitching tents and camping in the yard,making camp fires and having s'mores,playing croquet and badminton and sledding in the snow.      
It's very quiet and peaceful.  Hopefully in a week or so I can get my Fall decorations up.But anyway I hope you all enjoyed my little tour.                                                                           

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